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The Lines

The Lines - Eli Wilde I had high hopes for this one, but I was disappointed. Too many redundancies, too many poems that didn't really say anything. Wilde is fixated on kissing, as I'd expect a 13-year-old girl to be, not an adult male. Because of the subject, this collection could should have been a lot sexier.

However, Wilde does have talent. He just needs to let it off the leash more. I liked the concept; that was why I bought the book after I didn't win it through the First Reads program. As other reviewers have mentioned, the pieces are accessible, understandable. The collection is a quick, easy read.

Anyway, I selected a few poems that stood out more than the rest:

"Morning Fog"
"Allure Velvet"
"Spidery, Amorphous"
"What She Did to Me"
"Everlasting, Without Asking"

I leave you with this:

as if your voice is a calling
and your silence a bitter end
- "Affects Profound"