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The Complete Poetry

The Complete Poetry - Edgar Allan Poe, Jay Parini, April Bernard Poems written between 1827 and 1849, because it was difficult to write after he died.

Introduction by Jay Parini, which is mostly a brief bio of Poe.

Afterword by April Bernard.

Poe worked with various rhyme schemes. He liked to employ repetition and adjusted (or tweaked) repetition. He had an ear for sound and rhythm.

However, much of his writing seems antiquated. Bernard mentions that he wasn't just a product of his times (early 19th century), but he had an infatuation with the Old World. In his weaker pieces, he was prone to long, rambling, confusing sentences.

The poems that stand out were all written in the last few years of his life: "The Raven" (1845), "Annabel Lee" (1849), "For Annie" (1849), "The Bells" (1849).