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A Shot of Brandi

A Shot of Brandi - David S. Tanz, Teena Pom I received a promotional copy through the First Reads program.

It went a lot better once I turned off my inner critic and just enjoyed the ride. However, there were various red flags that left me wondering what the editor was doing. As a part-time beta reader (for free), it's disappointing to see an author let down like this.

There's enough going on plot-wise to keep it from being too boring. I enjoyed the romance between Davis and Ashley, and would not have minded seeing more of an emphasis on it. Gando is a decent supporting character. The ending could certainly have been worse.

However, I never saw Rick as likeable. The alternating viewpoints could have worked, as it does in B. Monkey. But Tanz switches back and forth too quickly; instead of alternating chapters, he often alternates after only a page or two, or even on the same page. The Brandi angle came off as forced.

A previous reviewer mentioned "too much almost purple prose". I strongly disagree with this analysis. It's a 200-plus page novel with one sex scene. I'm baffled and annoyed by people who gladly read about murder but complain the moment a bra gets unhooked.

Note: The Marlins changed their name in November 2011, which seems to be after the original publication of this book. (And after the events of the novel as well.)