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Beneath the Neon Egg: A Novel

Beneath the Neon Egg: A Novel - Thomas E. Kennedy Soft 4.

I received a promotional copy through the First Reads program. So a tip of the hat to Megan Ernst and Bloomsbury Publishing.

Kennedy's reverence for Coltrane's music is reminiscent of Bill Moody's Looking For Chet Baker. Patrick Bluett is a flawed, though likeable main character. I liked reading about Copenhagen, as it's not a setting I see often in the books I read. The pace was casual - not a page turner, but not a chore either.

There were two drawbacks which almost got it a 3 1/2 star rating. First, the back cover blurb is really misleading. So I spent a big chunk of the novel waiting for what I expected to happen. Then it didn't really happen. Second, it kind of seemed like a novel that didn't know what it wanted to be. There are various elements thrown together in the same story.