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Wonder Woman: The Greatest Stories Ever Told

Wonder Woman: The Greatest Stories Ever Told - William Moulton Marston, Harry G. Peter, Lynda Carter 3 1/2

A collection of ten Wonder Woman stories spanning her first sixty years. There's also a two-page snippet explaining her origin and an Introduction by Lynda Carter.

It works better as a historical overview than as a 'best of' collection. Seeing the changes over the years is fascinating. Robert Kanigher is overrepresented, with four of the ten. Two of his efforts could have been replaced and this would have been a stronger collection, both in variety and quality.

The stand-outs are 1942's "Wonder Woman Comes To America" for its camp appeal, 1988's "Who Killed Myndi Mayer?" - a murder mystery, and 2001's "She's A Wonder!", which features Lois Lane.