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Danger City: Urban Short Fiction

Danger City: Urban Short Fiction - Jess Dukes, Jess Dukes, Contemporary Press, Mike Segretto Urban short fiction from the peeps at Contemporary Press.

A fun, fast-paced collection that has a decent smattering of sex, violence, and moral grey areas. Not for stuffed-shirts, snobs, or prudes.

My favorites: "Delivery" (a drug dealer in Boston), by Todd Robinson; "Diary of a Super-Hero" (the kind that can fly), by Vinnie Penn; and "Jakes" (a compulsive gambler and his brother-in-law bookie), by Sean Beaudoin.

The weirdest: "Empire of One" (people cloning), by Carl Moore; "A Man's Gotta Eat What a Man's Gotta Eat" (zombies), by Dana Fredsti; and "Loving the Monster" (a man's fling with a Gila monster), by Mike Cipra.